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High added value materials recovery

We are specialists in the recovery of micro abrasives used in the electronics industry for silicon wafers cutting as well as in the glycols recovery.

Since 1997 we have retreated and regenerated recycled materials.

Garbo is an industry specialized in the regeneration of abrasives and suspenders based on polyethylene glycol. These materials are used for the cutting of silicon wafers utilized both by semiconductor and photovoltaic industry to produce devices and solar modules.

The technologies and recovery processes developed by Garbo are the result of investments that have projected the company in the sector lead edge technology one step ahead of competitors.

Garbo holds over 10 exclusive and proprietary patents founding its business on the circular economy. Regenerating raw materials with high added value, first of all means emphasizing the possible and sustainable development concept.

For us, sustainability is not just an idea. It represents our philosophy.

We bring materials back to life

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