The company was founded in 1998 under the name Garbo Servizi S.r.l. and soon pioneered the recycling of useful components such as silicon carbide and glycol contained in the abrasive slurry used in the cutting of silicon wafers. The first pilot plant for glycol and silicon carbide recycling was installed in 1999 at a major silicon wafer manufacturer in Novara, Italy. In November 2000, Garbo Servizi signed a joint-venture agreement with the German AKW Apparate+ Verfahren GmbH and SiC Processing GmbH was established. In a world facing an increasing risk of depletion and with the lifecycle of renewable raw materials playing a primary role, the slurry recycling technology of SiC Processing proved to be successful and recycling plants started to be installed in several locations worldwide. In 2006 the joint venture with AKW was terminated and Garbo S.r.l. was established. While SiC Processing is continuing the traditional regeneration of exhausted abrasive and suspending liquids from slurry, Garbo has developed other ground-breaking technologies for the regeneration of precious materials such as silicon waste produced in silicon wafer manufacture and glycols produced in various types of industrial processes.

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