A considerable amount of silicon is lost in form of fine powders during the mechanical processing of silicon ingots to obtain wafers. With the photovoltaic industry recently gaining increasing favour due to the need to fulfil the Kyoto protocol, demand for solar-grade silicon, i.e. the raw material used to produce silicon ingots and cells, has grown accordingly. Solar-grade silicon strongly affects costs throughout the cell production cycle as its availability depends on the production capacity of an exclusive group of world players who utilize quite elaborate technology. That is why recovering and regenerating silicon from waste powders provides the photovoltaic industry with an enormous quantity of "secondary" solar grade silicon at reduced prices making it competitive and sustainable both financially and environmentally. Garbo has patented and implemented a silicon recycling process which removes contaminations and brings silicon to "six nines" (or 6N), i.e.99,9999% purity. Purified silicon is then compacted through another patented technology in order to obtain a mechanically stable, palletised material which can be used in the standard production of solar ingots and cells.

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